1 BHK Floor Plan

1 BHK 473 Sq Ft Floor Plan of Birla Trimaya 1 BHK 473 Sq Ft Type A Floor Plan
1 BHK 489 Sq Ft Floor Plan of Birla Trimaya 1 BHK 489 Sq Ft Type A Floor Plan

1 BHK floor plan of Birla Trimaya will comprise one foyer, one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen with an attached utility, and a balcony. These 1 BHK apartments will be perfect for nuclear families.

Because 1 BHK apartments are smaller, keeping them in good shape is easier, and the cost of repairs and maintenance is lower than in larger apartments.

Birla Trimaya consists of 2 types of 1 BHK. The smallest 1 BHK apartment is 473 square feet of carpet area. And the Largest one is 489 square feet.

1 BHK Floor Plan Price

Unit Type Carpet Area Price
1 BHK 489 Sq Ft Rs. 50 Lacs*(approx)
1 BHK 516 Sq Ft Rs. 55 Lacs*(approx)

Price of 1 BHK in Birla Trimaya

Birla Trimaya's price of 1 BHK starts from Rs. 50 Lakhs. Price is very competitive compared to the surrounding area, and looking into the brand value.

Advantages of 1 BHK in Birla Trimaya

  • Brand Value: Birla is a household name in India.
  • Low maintenance: Maintenance costs are low as it has smaller dimensions.
  • Less additional cost: Overall cost will be lower than bigger flats.
  • Investment: It is good for investors as it can easily be saleable.
  • Affordable: 1 BHK apartment is cheaper.
  • Rentable: Easily is rentable and will yield better rent.

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