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Birla Trimaya Devanahalli Price

Unit Type Size Price
1 BHK 489 - 516 Rs. 50 - 55 Lacs*(approx)
2 BHK 769 - 819 Rs. 78 - 86 Lacs*(approx)
3 Bhk + 2 T 945 - 1026 Rs. 98 L - 1.07 Cr*(approx)
3 Bhk + 3 T 1134 - 1156 Rs. 1.10 - 1.19 Cr*(approx)

Apartments in Birla Trimaya start at Rs. 50 lakhs. The buildings carefully designed 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments, 3 BHK terraces, and 3 BHK garden duplex homes ensure that its residents lead a luxurious lifestyle. Apartments are offered at a starting price of 50 lakhs, and duplex homes are offered at a starting price of 2.72 crores.

Birla Trimaya’s price list displays the published prices for various available apartments. These prices are the actual values at which the apartments are sold. Generally, the price list is determined based on the value of the different abodes and other factors related to the contemporary real estate market.

The price of an apartment in a housing project refers to the total unit cost required to purchase the apartment. A few factors that influence the total cost of the units in a residential complex are the size of the units, quality of construction, amenities provided, and the location. The price range of the homes is one of the major highlights of Birla Trimaya.

The project was launched in September 2023. One can request a price list, cost sheet, and payment plan to get each apartment’s detailed price and breakdown. The price of this project is more affordable than the market price, and the pre-launch price attracts many potential investors, promising maximum gains. The property is on Devanahalli Road, an emerging real estate area with good price appreciation.

Devanahalli is now a real estate destination for home buyers and investors close to the beautiful Nandi Hills. The place is home to spectacular living spaces and properties with supreme amenities today. Each property promises a holistic living experience. Due to the mega developmental works and rapid urbanization, the realty sector of Devanahalli will see more upcoming properties in the next five years.

Price of apartments in Birla Trimaya

Price of apartments in Birla Trimaya

Birla Trimaya’s price is now reasonable, and as the area is developing fast, the prices will increase. It is a good time to invest in this project before the price increase as it is near big IT hubs. People working in the IT hubs can invest here near their workplaces. The project is meticulously designed, offering apartments of various sizes and budgets to cater to different types of people. The project can offer something to everyone.

  • 1 BHK – Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 55 lakhs
  • 2 BHK – Rs. 78 lakhs to Rs. 88 lakhs
  • 3 BHK + 2 T- Rs. 98 lakhs to Rs. 1.07 crores
  • 3 BHK + 3 T – Rs. 1.22 crores to Rs. 1.27 crores
  • 3 BHK + Duplex Garden – Rs. 2.72 crore to Rs. 2.82 crore
  • BHK + Duplex Terrace – Rs. 2.86 crore to Rs. 2.96 crore

The project will have the best deal during the pre-launch phase. In that phase, all the units are available at the best competitive rate with many discounts. After the launch phase, the prices will increase, and it is a good time to invest in the pre-launch phase. The price also varies depending on the community’s layout, size, and location. The prices are also determined based on the price trends in the area.

The project is developed over multiple phases, and in Phase 1, a total of 550 units are developing. It offers a total of 2600 units. The apartments in Phase 1 are completely sold out at a fast pace. The builder will launch phase 2 soon; the price of apartments in this phase will also be very competitive and affordable, attracting many investors and buyers to this project.

Price of apartments in Devanahalli

Price of apartments in Devanahalli

Devanahalli is one of the rapidly developing localities in North Bangalore, and the price and demand for property have shot up after the establishment of Kempegowda International Airport. The locality offers proper connectivity to major city places and provides all the amenities within reach. It has a good transport network with good bus and rail connectivity. The upcoming metro station near the project will improve the connectivity further. So, investing in the property early before the prices increase is better.

The average price of properties on Devanahalli ranges from Rs. 9,000 per sq. ft to Rs. 15,000 per sq. ft, and the rent starts from a price of Rs.12,000 for 1 BHK apartment. A modern apartment with all the amenities costs around Rs. 75 to 80 lakhs for 1 BHK. The area is growing fast now and has convenient access to all forms of transport.

The area’s price has been booming due to its proximity to major locations and big IT hubs. The prices of real estate are very competitive in this locality. Investing now is best because you will get exceptional value for your money.

Price of apartments in Bangalore

Price of apartments in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has been witnessing a steady growth in its population, leading to an increase in the demand for housing. As a result, the apartment culture in Bangalore has been flourishing for the past few decades. However, with the changing lifestyle patterns and evolving consumer preferences, the future of apartment culture in Bangalore is set to take a unique turn. The 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore have become hot properties in recent times, where families opt for safety and amenities.

One trend that is likely to shape the future of apartment culture in Bangalore is the emphasis on sustainable living. As people become more conscious of their carbon footprint, there is a rising demand for eco-friendly apartments designed to minimize energy consumption and maximize sustainability. This trend will likely gain momentum in the coming years, with developers increasingly incorporating green building practices and eco-friendly amenities into their projects.

The price of a comfortable 1 BHK apartment in the strategic locations of Bangalore city will cost 70 to 75 lakhs, and if it offers luxurious facilities with top-notch amenities, then the price may go up to 90 to 95 lakhs. The real estate demand in Bangalore is growing because of the employment opportunities offered by the city; people from different parts of the country prefer to settle in Bangalore.

Payment Plan – The upright decision by Birla Estates

Payment Plan The upright decision by Birla Estates

The payment plan for a housing project outlines the payment schedule for the homes being constructed. It breaks down the payments to be made as the construction progresses, making it easier for people to make payments step-by-step. The builder aims to provide a hassle-free process for owning a home.

Birla Trimaya Payment Plan offers buyers an easy and risk-free way to make payments through a simple instalment plan. The buyers must pay 10% of the total amount during the booking, and the remaining amount will be split into quarters once the payment is made. It’s important to note that the basic price does not include additional fees such as registration charges, stamp duty, and other fees, which must be paid during the registration of the apartments at the time of possession. All charges and costs include GST.

Payment plan of Birla Trimaya by Birla Estates

  • 10% on the date of booking
  • 10% within 90 days of booking
  • 10% on completion of the tower foundation
  • 10% on completion of tower ground floor slab
  • 10% on completion of the third-floor slab
  • 10% on sixth-floor slab
  • 10% on completion of the ninth-floor slab
  • 10% on completion of roof floor slab
  • 10% on completion of flooring of all units within the tower
  • 10% on offer of possession

Birla Trimaya’s payment plan is diverse as it has flexible payment options for the mutual benefit of the homebuyer and the builder. The payment schedule is initiated when the apartment is selected and booked. The booking amount confirms the specific unit to the buyer, and all the required legal and official copies of the property are provided to the investor. Wherein one can validate the documents with the help of a lawyer. This validation is one of the mandatory steps every buyer should go through.

Bangalore real estate price trends

Bangalore real estate price trends

Bangalore’s real estate industry has flourished over the years due to the market trend with its growing demand and supply. Many first-time homebuyers have preferred investing in Bangalore, among other cities in India, during the pandemic, as the apartment prices have stayed the same. Thus, the city has proven its appreciation potential.

The city is a desirable location for real estate investors searching for a reliable source of income because there is a substantial demand for rental properties there. The rental yield in the city is between 5 and 7 per cent on average, which is highly alluring to investors. In Bengaluru’s real estate market, sustainable green homes are a rising trend. These residences are built to have a minimal negative impact on the environment, consume less energy, and encourage environmentally friendly behaviours. Several developers are increasingly including sustainable features in their projects to address the rising demand for green homes in the city.

Property rates in Bangalore

  • Sarjapur Road – Rs. 8,050 per sq. ft
  • Kanakapura Road – 8,800 per sq. ft
  • Varthur – 9,600 per sq. ft
  • Jakkur – 9,850 per sq. ft
  • Hebbal – 10,500 per sq. ft
  • Brookfield – 11,000 per sq. ft
  • Koramangala – 13,600 per sq. ft
  • Indira Nagar – 15,000 per sq. ft

Bangalore’s economy proliferates, and the IT industry is its main driver. Numerous IT businesses and start-ups are based in the city, which has recently experienced an economic boom. Strong economic growth has increased housing demand, making it an ideal real estate investment location.

Current price on Devanahalli and price trends

Current price on Devanahalli and price trends

Devanahalli is a perfect locality to invest in real estate as a long-term investment option; due to its promise and assurance of sound quality of life, the area is presently a popular destination for investors, professionals, and home buyers. The area’s real estate prospects have been transforming rapidly since the multi-billion-dollar Business Park, with two IT parks formed and being developed on 400 acres next to the Kempegowda International Airport. It is home to one of the largest airports in the country. Devanahalli is where a Science Park, Aerospace Park and a Rs 10-billion Financial City project are coming up. The area lies near the upcoming BIAL Investment Region, which is slated to be the most prominent IT region in the country.

The residential land/plots in Devanahalli are available for sale at an average and reasonable price of Rs. 75.8 Lakhs and a median price of Rs. 46 Lakhs with a QoQ growth of 14.22%.

Looking at the key trends in Devanahalli and all the other positives discussed above, it is visible that the demand for residential properties in Devanahalli is bound to increase significantly in the future. The prices of properties are surprisingly very competitive and should rise once all the commercial developments occur, and the metro network is established. If an investor invests in properties in Devanahalli, he will surely win a chance to maximize the return.

Cost Sheet – The ultimate document for decision

Cost Sheet The ultimate document for decision

The cost sheet for Birla Trimaya is a comprehensive document that helps customers understand the pricing structure for different apartments tailored to their budgets and preferences. Prices often change based on the floor and type of apartment. The square feet of the residences, their exact location in the building, the starting price, the end sale price, the total cost, the cost of parking, and GST are all listed on this cost sheet.

The cost sheet includes important elements such as

  • Agreement value
  • Other charges
  • Stamp duty
  • Registration charge
  • Taxes
  • Base price
  • Sale value
  • Total rate
  • Applicable GST

The cost sheet provided by Birla Trimaya furnishes buyers with all the information required to make informed decisions. With this cost sheet, buyers can easily acquire their dream home and enjoy access to premium facilities that can help them revitalize their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the various payment plans possessed by the builder?

The builder possesses various payment plans, which include a Down payment, Construction-linked payment, Flexi-payment option, Time-linked plan, etc. The builder will discuss all payment-related matters with the bank and then only decide.

2. Does Birla Trimaya provide any offers to the customers?

Birla Trimaya will offer exciting offers to customers along with additional offers. Customers can know about the offers once the cost sheet and payment plan are ready.

3. Is it good to invest in Birla Trimaya?

Birla Trimaya is an ideal investment option for investors and end users because of its strategic location, prestigious builder, reasonable cost, good connectivity and all the basic amenities within reach.

4. Are there any additional costs at Birla Trimaya?

All business transactions in Birla Trimaya are transparent, with no hidden charges. However, additional charges for facilities like maintenance and parking are applicable.

5. Will the prelaunch price and the launch price of the project be the same?

No, the prelaunch phase will have many discounts and a competitive price compared to the launch phase. After the launch phase, the prices will increase, and it is a better time to invest in the prelaunch phase for a better deal.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.